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We Care for Your Vehicles Like Our Own 

Steer your vehicle to ProTire as soon as you see the need for tire replacement. We sell and repair different kinds of tires including industrial vehicles, ATV, and lawn mower tires.


Our strong foundation comes from our highly trained technicians  who understand the meaning of customer satisfaction and know their responsibility to achieve out commitment. Our team also performs yard check.


Visit our auto shop for fast and reliable tire repair services.

About Us

With more than 10 years in business, ProTire in London, Ontario, is a full-service auto shop that specializes in tire repair. We also perform a wide array of customized auto upgrade and maintenance solutions.

Located in a 40,000-square-foot facility, our shop offers a comfortable waiting place for our clients. We have a lobby with snacks, entertainment and a coffee machine.

Client satisfaction and safety is at the heart of our business. All of our technicians are Tire Industry Association™ (TIA)-certified and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-compliant. They are properly trained and equipped to inspect, repair, and install tires.

Aside from our impressive services, our gracious attitude sets us apart from our competitors. You can count on us to honestly conduct our business at all times. Our company is proudly affiliated with Tirecraft™.

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The Economic Benefits of Correct Tire Pressure

Routinely checking tire air pressure is a very important task. In cool weather months, a tire will generally lose one or two pounds of air per month.
It could lose more pounds if the weather is warm.
By keeping the correct air pressure, your vehicle will increase its fuel efficiency by up to 10% and will have better handling.
This helps add years to the life of your tires.

Practical Care Tip

Despite the numerous benefits, most car owners overlook checking air pressure.
In order to remind yourself of this important routine, we suggest that you check your tires every time you fill up at the gas station.

Take It from the Experts

While fuel prices are beyond our control, we can do something about the fuel efficiency of our vehicles.
Get in touch with us today, or visit our shop for more tips on how to properly care for your vehicle.